When did Social Networking become so prevalent in everyday life and interaction? 
These days, phone calls and visits are being replaced by texts and tweets. When there’s something intimate or important that you need to tell someone, TELL them! All this other stuff is impersonal. The recipient can’t hear the tone of your voice, or see the love/hate/lust/whatever in your eyes. Adding a smiley face at the end may seem to help, but really nothing beats old-fashioned voice-to-voice or face-to-face communication…
I’m sure the original purpose of social networks was to bring people closer, or even to meet new people. It's become so much more complicated, though. Here’s where I think social networking went wrong…
1) Everybody and Their Mama Has One…Literally!
It seems like everyone is a member of SOME social network (i.e., Twitter, Facebook. MySpace, etc) these days. I’m talking old people, young people, employers, professors, pastors, mamas, baby-mamas, pre-teens, toddlers, pets…Enough said.
2) It’s replacing personal communication.
Somewhere along the line, social networking evolved into a primary form of communication, between friends, between relatives, and even between couples. What happened to the days when social networking was used to pass the time during a boring class, or look up old classmates? Nowadays our lives are drowning in a sea of Tweets, texts, IMs, and other forms of technological quickies. People are even communicating sexually through text messages lol…
3) It’s a little TOO open for some of us…
Every day, celebrities are seen in the media because some aspect of their lives has been exposed on Twitter. No one has a private page, especially most celebrities, which is completely beyond the scope of my understanding. I won’t lie, I got swept up in the Twitter craze, but after months of not even using it because of the never-ending “site maintenance”, the stalker-ish vibe, and the otherwise boringness of it all, I deleted my Twitter page. How do you live your life when you’re updating it via Twitter every 5 seconds?
P.S.::I could give two sh*ts about your gynecology appointment at 3:00, or that your baby's poop smelled like dandelions yesterday.
4) Friendships Begin…and End…Online.
It’s occurred to me that social networking has also been influential in a lot of arguments and even failed relationships and friendships. I, personally, have a history of cussing bitches out letting off steam via email, Facebook, and MySpace… I don’t feel bad about it either. Why? Because half the time, someone either said some off the wall ish to me online, or this was a last resort way to contact them and tell them how I felt! That brings up another issue: impersonal communicating via text and the web give some people the balls they never had. People will say what they would/could never say in person. Gossip, criticism, and a lot of true feelings are floating around cyberspace, and the problem is that these “true feelings” aren’t being shared between the people they’re meant to be shared with. Now, they’re being shared with friend lists, cyber stalkers, and anyone else that they may be visible to.
5) Unintentional Cyber-Dating.
Early in my relationship, I had a couple almost-arguments due to Facebook. I won’t go into specifics, but there was no infidelity or anything like that involved. Just realize that 1) It’s not healthy to have to check up on every step your significant other takes, and 2) your significant other probably has friends or acquaintances who are prone to posting idiotic euphemisms on social networks, and you can’t control what they do. This can be a huge problem, especially in the beginning when relationships are still blossoming. If you’ve already shared your entire lives on Twitter and Facebook all day, and your significant other has already checked your page or status updates, what the hell is there to talk about at the end of the day? You’re not getting to know one another, you’re getting to know each other’s cyber self!
Solution: STOP LETTING FACEBOOK/TWITTER/MYSPACE/etc ACTIVITY RUN YOUR RELATIONSHIP!! Once I learned this, I became a lot more carefree and happy, thus making my Honeydip happy.

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