The Bitch Switch...

Have you ever let someone get you SOOOOO out of your 'element' that it upset you even more than the thing the did to get you out of your element in the first place???'s so crazy, because personally I strive to be this put-together, "can't tell me nothin'", taking-care-of-business, WOMAN...but there's people out there who can't deal with that! In these 21 years of mine, I've discovered that when it comes to people, what you see is NOTHING like what you get...and that can be a fabulous thing or a dreadful thing, depending on the circumstances, the person, the damn weather... hell. Anything lol. All I know is, real isn't always real. Truth is hardly EVER truth, and most friendships fade to black. Maybe, though, that's not such a bad thing. Some people just aren't necessary to your life! Really! I heard this saying, that some people are only meant to be in your life for a season....or something like that. Lol. It's true shit, though, because although that person may have been fitting for that particular season, the next season they may be completely out of style! So just like we clean our closets out to shop for the new season, maybe friendships need to be cleaned out and swept away also. Personally, I hate clutter. I'm nobody's neat freak, but everything has a place in my palace, and I try to keep everything in it's place. Now, this may not be so apparent if one were to glance at my palace after I've spent two hours deciding what to wear for the day, but that's a whole 'nother blog!
The point is, as angry as this person (and past people) have made me, after it's all said and done, I get this really mellow feeling inside, because I know that this person was not meant to be in my presence permanently. She's one of those friends who the whole group kinda meets, and wonders about, but ultimately gives her a pass to join the clique, because hey, she seems like she might be kinda cool lol... but then the Bitch Switch gets flipped. Lol. And don't act like you don't know, because we've all experienced the Bitch Switch! One minute, shit is sweet, then the next you're getting mental flashes of the person on the ground with your fist introducing itself to her face, all because she said/did some off the wall ish.... Crazy, right? But, I digress.
Bottom Line: Be thankful for the cleaning out of your friendship closet. It's always in order, and it's a hassle, but in the end you'll feel s00000 much better, and accomplished, while that pile of junk is sitting somewhere looking stupid!

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