You're a Jerk...♥

You know what really grinds my gears?? When people are so starved for attention that they go out of their way to constantly attempt being "different"... For example, I know a person who is constantly dressing outside-the-box, which is all fine and dandy, you know? It's cool. If you're into that, you can appreciate this person's style. But then anytime this person speaks, its either "Well I've BEEN wearing ________, everybody else needs to catch up", or "This is my style, everybody who just started wearing it is copying". First of all, if your name isn't on the label...its NOT your style... Please believe, even if you--a young kid in OHIO of all places-- are hip to a certain trend or designer, best believe, the rest of the world was hip to it WAY longer than you were! Lol...really though! So there's no need to always voice these things...If you're truly being you, and dressing the way that makes you happy, your style will speak for itself! You can just do you, without all the extra...because then it turns into cockiness, and that's annoying. There are so many people who dress/talk/act a certain way SIMPLY because no one else in their vicinity does it, but there's a vast difference between being a trendsetter by nature, and doing/saying/wearing things just because you know other people will say something about it! If you're not doing it for you, then it's not who you really are...which makes it FAKE...which makes YOU fake!! Get it?? Lol... 

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