Get Off My Couch {Figuratively Speaking} ♥

I'm so sick of playing therapist! I've got more "patients" than a little bit, and I haven't even gotten my degree yet!
Why do people ask for advice right before they go off and do their own thing anyway? Completely contradicting the advice THEY demanded of you!
I would love to say that I'm not guilty of this, however I am...and I still don't understand it.
I want to understand, because lately I've felt myself getting an attitude about certain people and them bringing their problems to me. This makes me feel like I'm not a good friend, because I don't even care to hear these problems anymore after I've heard them so many times. Why keep asking when you're going to keep going back to the source of the problem? It just baffles me! I try the nice know, "Maybe you should ___________" doesn't work. Then I try a more forceful approach, something like "You need to __________, like seriously"...doesn't work either...Finally, there's the sistah-girl approach..."If I tell you one more time to ______________, I'm gonna scream!"
So what does one do when all these approaches fail? I don't want to be a bad friend, and just tell this person to stop coming to me with the BS, because then they'll feel like they can never come to me again. They'll worry that I don't care at all anymore. I'd never want to contribute to someone feeling the need to hold everything in and try to deal with it alone... IDK...maybe people just need to learn things for themselves sometimes.

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